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Navigate Health & Wellness is a cutting-edge state-of-the-art healthcare facility utilizing the latest technology, combined with a gentle and specific technique to see the healing process happen on a daily basis.  Navigate strives to help families regain control of their health through an all-natural approach.

Chiropractic care has been used to help with issues relating to the spine, sports injuries, pain, vertigo, digestion, pediatric & prenatal care, and so much more.  By focusing on removing nerve interference, allows your brain and body to communicate at 100%.  When this occurs, your body is able to adapt to all stresses and live life to the fullest!


Because we have fallen in love with chiropractic care, we want to spread the love to you, too! In honor of our 1 Year Anniversary, The Salt Room & Sauna has personally purchased 10 Initial Consultations & Exams for our clients.  So please take advantage of this offer, especially if you’ve been carrying around some of these issues.


Just enter your information below, and our team will reply to the first ten people to let you know how to claim one of the vouchers!  If you have any questions about the services at Navigate Health & Wellness, or how they can help you, their number is (813) 749-6823.

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