Are There Any Other Benefits Of Halotherapy?


Accordingly, salt therapy potentially helps tackle inflammation, as well as mental lethargy, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), stress and depression, including postpartum depression. It could also help with insomnia, ear infections and snoring relief.

While most of the known and reported benefits of halotherapy are for the lungs and skin, the beneficial effects of negative ions on mental well-being are of particular interest to our psychiatrist. Negative ions, such as that produced during a halotherapy session, have been shown to increase mental clarity and mental well-being. The negative ions bond and neutralize the positive ions that are abundant in our busy city-dwelling lifestyle, which tends to cause mental fatigue and inflammation. Negative ions have been described as a natural antidepressant.


With reduced free radicals (or positive ions) in our system, inflammation decreases and there is a relaxing effect in the body which normalizes breathing rate, decreases blood pressures and relieves tension. There are several studies that indicate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression in the winter months, can be effectively treated with halotherapy and light therapy. It’s akin to taking a trip to the beach!

Research from the University of California showed positive ions could create anxiety, irritability and a hyper-serotonin state, whereas the negative ions, such as those created in a salt room, could neutralize the anxiety and irritability by normalizing serotonin levels which potentially improves one's mental outlook, mood and sleep.