Health Benefits of Halotherapy

‌Studies have found that halotherapy can have benefits for respiratory conditions, skin problems, and allergies.Salt is a natural and safe ingredient. It does not have any notable side effects. It is also: Mucoactive, clearing up mucus from your airways Antibacterial, helping prevent infections Anti-inflammatory Immunity-boosting Anti-allergic ‌Research has found that because of these properties, halotherapy…

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Types of Halotherapy


Salt therapy is usually done in salt rooms, which can be active or passive. Active salt room – This room has a machine called a halogenerator, to which salt is added. The equipment breaks down the salt into tiny particles that circulate in the salt therapy room. ‌Passive salt room – ‌Passive salt room. This…

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The History of Halotherapy

In the 12th century, the practice of visiting salt caves for therapeutic reasons, or speleotherapy, was common in Eastern Europe. In the 1800s, salt miners in Poland found a more modern version of what’s now halotherapy. Despite working in mines all day, the Polish miners didn’t have any respiratory conditions and were unusually healthy. They…

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